Chefs Jaime and Jeanette Quintana from The Baker's Table


Husband and wife chefs Jaime and Jeanette Quintana team up to bring you The Baker’s Table, a comfortable, fresh dining option on New Smyrna Beachside. Jaime and Jeanette first met in 2001 in Wilmington, Delaware working at an upscale seafood house and have worked together on various projects ever since.



Growing up in a tight knit family in Mexico City and spending summers at his grandparents farm in the outskirts of the city, fresh food was always a focus and a time for family to come together and enjoy. Fresh ingredients and bold flavors were never far away in his household. If he wasn’t eating at his house, he would take a quick walk to his Aunt’s house who was sure to have a fresh “Arroz con leche”, or rice pudding ready for him. Jaime’s love for family and food and the way it brings everyone together shows in his cooking. His talents lie in the kitchen as he focuses on fresh ingredients cooked with classic techniques sure to please the most discerning of palates.



Jeanette knew she wanted to be a chef from the young age of 5. She created menus for her family to order breakfast from when there was family or guests visiting from out of town. After winning a statewide baking competition in high school, Jeanette was awarded a scholarship to a baking and pastry program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. After finishing culinary school in NJ, Jeanette worked at various upscale restaurants in Delaware and an exclusive club on Vail Mountain. Jeanette has always loved the hustle and hum of a bustling kitchen and her main focus has been on pastry although she has been known to jump on the hot line every now and then.


The Baker’s Table

The couple’s last joint venture before The Baker’s Table was a boutique hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey called the Chelsea Hotel. While Jeanette was busy creating beautiful plated desserts and wedding cakes at the Chelsea, Jaime was recruited by the Executive chef to head up the banquet kitchen as executive sous chef. In their respective roles, Jaime and Jeanette consulted with party planners and brides and grooms to facilitate the wedding of their dreams. From the first hors’ d houevres to the last bite of wedding cake, the couple made sure that the day was as perfect as the guests had ever imagined it would be.


Jaime and Jeanette started visiting family in NSB and it became their favorite vacation spot every year. As many do, they fell in love with this quaint little beach town and each year it got harder and harder to go back up to those cold New Jersey winters. They decided to make New Smyrna Beach their home where they raise their 2 sons David and Xavier.